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The Brazilian Studies Association (BRASA) announces the 2014 Election Winners

BRASA is pleased to announce the results of the recent election. We congratulate the new members of the EC, and we thank the candidates for participating.

Vice President and President-Elect (2014-2018): Bryan McCann

Executive Committee Members (2014-2018):
Christopher Dunn
Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman
Tori Langland
Amy Nunn
Matt Taylor
Edie Wolfe

Graduate Student Representative (2014-2016): Natan Zeichner

The Brazilian Studies Association (BRASA) announces the 2014 Brazilian Initiation Scholarship Award Winners

The Brazil Initiation Scholarship (BIS) is a key component of BRASA’s agenda to expand Brazilian Studies in the United States. BRASA invites applications from graduate and undergraduate students for a one-time $1,500 travel scholarship to do exploratory research or language study in Brazil. This scholarship targets aspiring Brazilianists with relatively little or no experience in Brazil. It seeks to contribute to the student’s initial trip (for a period from six weeks to three months), to heighten the student’s interest in Brazil, and deepen his/her commitment to Brazilian studies in the United States. Students are encouraged to combine this scholarship with other grants or awards.

BRASA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 Brazilian Initiation Scholarship awards. Each recipient will receive $1,500 to help with the costs of exploratory research or language training in Brazil. BRASA would like to thank the selection committee, which consisted of Gladys Mitchell-Walthour (Chair, political science, Visiting Scholar Harvard University), Marianne Shmink (anthropology, University of Florida) Manuella Meyer (at-large, history, University of Richmond) and Jeremy Lehnen (at-large, Spanish and Portuguese languages, University of New Mexico). Brief bios on the selected applicants are below.

2014 BIS Recipients:

Katherine Morris, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Morris is a fourth year undergraduate student at University of Wisconsin Madison. She would like to conduct research on study abroad programs Brazilian students utilize to study in the United States. She will conduct interviews with students and administrators in Brazil.

Sara McTarnagan, University of Texas - Austin, Latin American Studies/Community and Regional Planning
McTarnagan is a Master’s student at the University of Texas at Austin. She is pursuing a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies and a Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning. Her research project is a comparative project of public housing in Chile and Brazil. She will conduct interviews in São Paulo with public housing stakeholders such as residents, municipal authorities, representatives from NGOs and civil servants.

Jennifer Sales, University of Utah, Art History
Sales is a Master of Arts student in Art History at the University of Utah. She will examine political uses of the female body in the works of Leticia Parente and Sonia Andrade. She will conduct interviews as well as archival research.

Andrew Britt, Emory University, History
Britt is a Ph.D. student at Emory University. He is studying history. His research project is about how and why state-employed urban planners considered race and ethnicity in development schemes. He will travel to Sao Paulo and Curitiba to visit archives and conduct interviews with residents, practicioners, and planning scholars.

Andrew Snyder, University of California - Berkley, Ethnomusicology
Snyder is a PhD student at the University of California, Berkley. He is studying ethnomusicology. He will examine musical activism with a particular focus on how this activism plays out in preparation for and during the World Cup given recent protests.


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